Simplicity in furniture design

October 11, 2016

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu identified simplicity as one of life’s three greatest treasures (the other two being compassion and patience). Italian polymath, Leonardo da Vinci, has been quoted saying “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

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If you intend to outdoor urban spaces, know that you don’t need to embellish each area with extravagant masterpieces and complex architecture. Keep it simple.

Simplicity complements your surroundings

The same principle applies when selecting urban furniture for public areas. Since the surrounding landscape and architectural styles change and evolve over time, it is wise to enhance your public spaces with seating, bike racks, and other furniture that will complement virtually any surroundings. In other words, choose furniture that compliments many different design styles, not just one look.

Furthermore, complicated designs in public furniture draws the eye away from the main focus of the space, which is, of course the space itself.

Simple yet unique urban design

It should be mentioned that “simple” and “unique” are not mutually exclusive. “Simple” does not have to imply a flat rectangular bench without a backrest. Simple designs can still be creative and inspiring.

Function over form in outdoor furniture

Many designers and architects create outdoor furniture pieces that have ordinary looks, but have uncommon functionality. Like those amazing recliners that are designed to never need recliner covers, or another great example of this concept would be a simple park bench with a hand crank on the side that allows users to rotate the sitting surface in case the top gets wet.

Lighting and highlighting the landscape

No matter how simple or complex your furniture designs may be, your environment’s overall appeal will have little impact without the right lighting. For parks and public spaces that can be accessed during the night, overhead or pathway lights can be used to highlight your seating area and the paths leading to them.

If you’re looking for a few simple yet elegant designs with which to furnish an outdoor area or public space, feel free to browse through Structura’s product gallery. Then, get in touch with a Structura representative when you find the perfect aesthetic.

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