Urban renewal and mixed-use site lighting solutions

September 9, 2016

Urban renewal is a goal of cities everywhere, and lighting has become an important element of urban design and community identity. Standard, uninspired public lighting can be seen as sterile and utilitarian. Designers of urban renewal and mixed-use projects are placemakers looking to create a sense of identity for their project

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Here are some things to consider when selecting your lighting solutions:

Functional street light design

When considering the lighting design of an urban or mixed-use development, lighting poles can create a more inviting public space for pedestrians. Streetlight poles should get the same careful attention to design as the lights they hold. Other than providing light, light poles offer other functions as well. Banners and hanging planter baskets are welcome additions. Bike racks and illuminated benches are fantastic accessories to an urban renewal and mixed-use projects as well.

Create a hierarchy of scale throughout your project. Mounting urban street lighting with tall mounting height poles allows for widely spaced poles and better light distribution. Mounting low-wattage, pedestrian-scale lights at lower heights brings a more inviting feel to pedestrian spaces.

What are your material options for functional street lights?

Designing urban street lighting can be an exploration of contrast in form, color, and texture, complementing or contrasting the surrounding architecture. Many outdoor street lights are made of a fiberglass and epoxy resin composite because of its ability to withstand the elements for long periods. However, traditional materials such as wood and metal have become far more resistant to weather and decay due to industry processes.

Acetylated wood is more durable, and 70 to 80 percent more dimensionally stable than most other woods. Because of the high stability, factory-supplied finishes on wood products require less frequent maintenance than other options, and last up to three times longer. Durable wooden lighting poles can add warmth, depth, and artistic texture to a community.

Weathering steel, sometimes referred to by the brand name, Corten, can also be used for reliable outdoor lighting. Weathering steel is a steel and copper alloy which is allowed to rust. This rust provides a natural coating to resist further deterioration, resulting in an attractive patina. Structura works with weathering steel quite often, and it is available on a number of our products including Reed light poles and as panels on Tandem and Duo light poles.

Design, engineering, and manufacturing takes place under one roof at Structura’s factory, allowing for quality control at every step – from the raw materials to the finished product. For more information on a truly remarkable and environmentally responsible custom design, contact Structura or your local Structura sales representative today.


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