About Structura

At Structura, we bring innovation, sustainability, and purpose to public lighting, poles, and site furnishings. Through material, color, texture, and form, we transform commonplace and function to beauty and art.

Find your solution

We’ll help you find appropriate solutions for your projects. If our standard, configurable products don’t meet your needs, we’ll modify them. Napkin sketch? No problem.


Passion for perfection

We are craftsmen in metal and wood, innovators, designers, and engineers. Our people drive Structura’s innovative spirit using advanced prototyping and manufacturing techniques.

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Wood without compromise

Outdoor public spaces are challenging for wood. Cities require materials that stand the test of time and require minimal maintenance. How, then, can wooden materials compete with substances like steel and concrete?

Simply put, we use the world’s highest performing wood and finish. It’s all backed with an industry-leading warranty of 25 years.

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Structura is proud to have Aubrilam as our European partner by exchange of designs, international specification support, and manufacturing collaboration.

Empower your outdoor environment

Bring new life to your landscape with an inspiring design by Structura. We provide the lighting, furnishings, and overall aesthetic that will help energize your external settings.