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Care & Maintenance

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Care-and-Maintenance-001-768x439.pngStructura’s Accoya® wood is more durable than most tropical woods. Because of this durability, we provide a 25/50 year warranty* from rot and decay, even when the wood is unfinished. Accoya is also 70-80% more dimensionally stable than other woods, but over time, natural checking (small fissures along the grain) may occur. This will not affect the overall structural integrity of the product. Finish is aesthetic only, and is not required for wood protection. Due to Accoya’s high dimensional stability, factory supplied finishes on Structura’s products require less frequent maintenance than other wood products while lasting up to three times longer.


To clean the surface, use Sirca ID1200 detergent for wood or a neutral soap (Dawn® dish soap) and water. Do not use products that contain alcohol or ammonia, which could damage the finish and surface. In doing so, smog, mildew, etc. does not deposit on the wood for an extended amount of time. Proper periodic cleaning is imperative to prolong the aesthetics and integrity of the wood finish coating. 


This must be carried out when the coating has become rough to the touch and lost consistency and shine.

How to proceed:

  • Clean the surface with Sirca ID1200 or neutral soap
  • Sand the surfaces using 280 grip abrasive paper being careful around corners and edges as too much sanding will remove the color. The surface will appear matte and uniform.
  • Carefully remove any and all debris.
  • Apply a reduced coat of topcoat or maintenance coat with brush, roller, or sprayer.


Avoid coating under direct sunlight or below 50°F (10°C). Renovations steps may need to be repeated annually.


This should be carried out when the coating has become very matte, shows cracks, or the paint film has been damaged by aggressive atmospheric agents.

How to proceed:

  • Sand the damaged surface with 120 grip abrasive paper. Completely remove the flacking or damaged surface.
  • Apply water-based impregnating stain where the bare wood is revealed. Do not apply stain to the parts of the product where the original coatings are still present as this can produce an adhesion issue to the subsequent layers of water-based coating.
  • Once fully dried, apply a coat of 60WE950G30SO4 water-based top coat in order to create a small base layer; wait at least four hours to dry.
  • Sand the area with 220 grip abrasive paper. 
  • Clean the surface of dust and debris.
  • Apply a 2nd layer of top coat allowing 24 hours to dry before handling.


Avoid coating under direct sunlight or below 50°F (10°C). After restoration, the renovation steps may need to performed annually.


Wood Repair


Graffiti on finished wood surface can be lightly sanded using 120 then 180 grit sandpaper, sanding with the grain. Reapply stain and finish as described under the maintenance procedure.

Notches and deep scratches

Clean surface with a damp cloth and lightly sand using 120 then 180 grit sandpaper, sanding with the grain. If the scratch is more than one millimeter deep, wood filler may be required. Sand wood filler before applying stain and clear coat as described under the maintenance procedure.



Powder coated aluminum and stainless steel products require minimal routine maintenance. Clean asmetal-care.jpg​ needed using a soft cloth, or brush with a mild detergent. High pressure power washing is not recommended.


Metal Repair


To clean graffiti from powder coated surfaces, we recommend Hilti So-Safe® Biodegradable MC 800 Light Duty Graffiti Remover. Use according to product instructions. Scrape any loose or flaking material from surface with a putty knife. Ensure the surface being treated is thoroughly dry. Wear safety glasses and neoprene gloves. Using a brush, apply MC 800 at full strength and allow 15 seconds to penetrate. Rinse thoroughly with water.

*Accoya warranty is a pass-through warranty provided by Titan Wood and Accsys Technologies. Warranty covers Accoya wood rot for a period of 50 years above ground and 25 years below ground from the date of purchase. Structura will (at its sole option) either replace or repair any damaged Accoya. Contact Structura for further details.


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